The Charity that fills the Gap

There is a pressing need for funds for new research projects and clinical trials to help in our efforts to beat cancer. The Clerk Maxwell Cancer Research Fund fulfils an important research and development role in the fight against cancer, by helping to provide that all important initial funding (often called seed-corn funding) that allows a project to get off the ground.


Leading oncologists and radiologists working in Scotland highlight substantial underfunding in the area in which this Fund focuses.

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Multi-modal (Raman) Microscope

The multi-modal microscope @ Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre is designed to address the needs of many different researchers.

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Low Field MRI for early cancer detection

This CMCRF funded project conducted at Aberdeen University involved development of a low cost/low field compact MRI.

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Indentifying suspected damage to DNA

Glasgow University research project with equipment funding from CMCRF into the possible risks from low frequency radiation.

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The Optical Tuneable Pulsed Laser

A joint venture between the School of Physics & Astronomy and the Bute Medical School of St Andrews, initial funding by CMCRF.

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